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Arthur Findlay, the previous owner of Stansted Hall, was always interested in Spiritualism, and during his lifetime he researched and wrote several books on the subject.

Mrs Annie Gertrude Findlay, Arthur’s wife, died in 1963, and it was after this in 1964, that Arthur Findlay decided to give the Hall to the Spiritualists’ National Union. The arrangement being that Mr Findlay would keep three rooms for his private use during his lifetime, and the rest of the Hall was to be converted into a college and used by many for the study and advancement of Spiritualism. Sadly soosupporters1n after, Arthur Findlay was taken ill, and later passed to the higher life while in hospital.

During the next few years many ideas were put forward and much discussion took place and decisions were made, The bedrooms were still their original large size and considerable amounts of money needed to be raised to convert the Hall into a more suitable smaller roomed College. The kitchen also had to be turned from a family kitchen to a kitchen that could provide meals for many.

The building conversion started and huge debts were incurred which had to be paid, the Hall at this time was advertised as a venue for Conferences, Seminars and Dinner Functions etc. The income from these activities helped, but it was not enough. Still more money was needed.

It was at this time in 1970 that a group of friends, Gordon Higginson, Wilfred Watts, Eric Hatton, Betty Wakeling, Eva French, May Brown, Bertha Frank, Eileen Roberts and Mr & Mrs Wandless, along with many other devoted friends of the Hall, formed the “Friends of Stansted Hall” to help raise the much needed cash. “The Friends of Stansted Hall” is a registered charity.supporters4

The AIMS & OBJECTIVES are to promote education in psychic science and in particular to assist in the establishment and maintenance of a college for the advancement of psychic science at Stansted Hall, Essex, established on 13th June 1970, in memory of J. Arthur Findlay. (Inaugural Constitutional Meeting adopted on 22nd February 1970 – registration under Charities Act 1960 as Charity No. 261287)

The Committee of the Arthur Findlay College in recognition of the work done by Friends of Stansted Hall and large donation towards the Pioneer Centre building gave dispensation for a group of people resident within the local area to hold weekly meetings in the Pioneer Centre. A portion of these meetings is dedicated to training SNU healers.

The group known as the Friends of Stansted Hall Spiritual Fellowship meet on a Thursday evening at 7.30pm. Healing  along with healing trainees start at 9.10pm. Everyone is welcome to attend the evening activities with a commitment of regular attendance, including healing practice.

A programme of events is available via Fellowship page
All members of ‘Friends’ are eligible to claim a discount of 10% on most items in the College Shop.

‘Friends’ memorabilia on sale both in the Shop, Open Week, SNU Conference, direct from this web site or direct from our Publicity Officer as above, include Sweat Shirts, Polo Shirts, Coasters, Key Rings, Car Stickers, Pens, Book Markers, Lapel Badges, tea towels, Quickslits, Clipboards (various), pictures, (framed and unframed) and the latest items of Fridge Magnets.
We no longer sell any items oddments available via the College shop.

Since the formation of the “Friends” we have donated monies to:

Building Works
Central Heating
Water Systems
Gas Services
Electrical Services
Bed Linen
Bedroom Furniture
Desk Equipment
Cash Registers
Floor Cleaners
Door Securities
Loop Systems
Teaching Equipment
Endowment of Blue Room
Colonnade Roof & lining
Donation for a Projector
White Boards
Tape Recorders
Achievements during recent years include: 15,000 towards the building of the Pioneer Centre, replacing the roof 5,000 and lining 1,000 on the Colonnade, Gordon Higginson Room, Chairs for the refurbishment of the Library, Half of the chairs when the Sanctuary was refurbished, (the other half were donated by JV Trust), Widescreen TV and Video Recorder for the large lounge (Green Room), 3,000 towards the recent replacement of Beds, Carpets and Bedroom furniture on the 2nd floor. More recently we have taken over the endowment of the Blue Room and paid for its refurbishment of carpet, curtains and re-upholstery of the original furniture used by the family at a cost of 6,000.

On a lesser scale we have provided tape recorders, white boards and flip charts, overhead projectors, OHP trolleys for each of the main lecture rooms along with 500 donation towards a projector for Powerpoint presentations for the tutors use.

We rely on donations, bequests, membership fees and people supporting us and we thank them for their generosity most sincerely.

To become a member please contact the Membership Secretary who will send you an application form.
                 Or  go to Membership renewals page and down load your application

Subscription for New “Friends”

You can now pay for New  membership / renewals or make a donation direct in to our bank
Your reference is Your Name and Post code or membership number if known
Sort Code: 77-66-12    Account Number: 21077360  Name :  Friends of Stansted Hall

Yours donations or bequests for our beautiful Hall are very welcome. Thank You.